Celebrity Gene is the DNA signature of stars to raise awareness for important causes.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

In addition to awareness, Celebrity Gene offers keepsake jewelry. The DNA of the celebrity is encased in the keepsake and part of the proceeds of that specific piece will be used to raise money for a cause of the Celebrity’s choice.

Celebrity Gene also desires to enlighten consumers that DNA research enables important information to save lives for us today and generations that follow.

How it all began…

The idea of Celebrity Gene was literally created in a laboratory by Ryan Lehto while working at a university laboratory extracting DNA from ancient mummy hair. He then partnered with his colleague Neal Esau, another ancient DNA researcher, to form CG Labs Inc. (cglabscorp.com). Their unique way of binding allows the DNA to be incorporated into products while keeping its integrity and information intact. Imagine a guitar pick infused with Jimmy Hendrix DNA or ink with the great author Charles Dickens. The possibilities are endless.

Combining science, art and charitable causes….

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

In 2014 Ryan and Neal partnered with Jeff Harbeson, a long time business executive and former military officer, to expand the notion of DNA for consumers. Realizing the vast array impact that DNA has for everyone, Jeff thought that by promoting a cause with Celebrities DNA would bring the notoriety needed for this important and lifesaving gift and allow fans the ultimate memorabilia of their favorite star.

Celebrity Gene uses mitochondrial DNA of a celebrity (which reveals no medical or personal info) and places it into a product or jewelry piece which is sold to provide funding and awareness not only for the Celebrities worthy cause but also to raise awareness about genetic disease and importance or saving your families DNA.

Celebrity Gene personal collection….

Elvis PresleyWithin their personal collection of DNA signatures include Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber. These are not for sale but are available for viewing. All samples were legally purchased from authenticated hair and have all the accompanying documentation and certifications.

In near future we will have several more notable greats to add to our growing collection.

Here are some reasons why every person should have a DNA sample of everyone in their immediate family

  • Diagnosing medical conditions.
  • Calculating inherited risks for generations.
  • Deciding medical tests and medicinal dosage.
  • Selecting therapeutic agents including gene therapy.
  • Determining disease risk and preventative measures.
  • Measuring generational mutation rates to track disorders.

DNA in Genealogy:

  • To learn more about ancestry.
  • To examine both biological and geographical relationships.
  • Find relatives of adoptees.
  • Provide options for halted traditional genealogical research.
  • To learn inherited traits.