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How to Find the Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Do you want to get rid of your wrinkles or prevent them from appearing? Of course, you do! Women will take every ounce of something good that will help them restore and preserve their youth.

The good news is that there are thousands of anti-aging creams on the market that can assist you in maintaining and regaining your youth.

The bad news is that there are thousands of anti-wrinkle creams on the market, and the majority of them fail to deliver their purpose of preventing wrinkles and soothing fine lines.

Luckily there are quite a few anti-wrinkle creams on the market to give you those effortless results of cleaner, and smoother skin .

However it can be overwhelming with so many different products to choose from, one may get confused and would not know where to begin her journey of the fountain of youth that is found in a tiny bottle.

There are common ingredients that are found in anti-wrinkle creams that will help you determine their effectiveness from simple to dramatic changes in your skin texture, tone, and firmness.

anti-wrinkle cream

When choosing an anti-wrinkle cream the most effective ingredients you should look for should include but is not limited to:

Antioxidants- antioxidants are substances that neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are notorious for breaking down the skin cells which causes wrinkles. Ibenone and Retinol are some types of antioxidants that can be found in anti-wrinkle creams

Alpha -Lipoic Acid (ALA)

This is a powerful antioxidant that diminishes fine lines, wrinkles and age spots as well as firms and tones the skin. This antioxidant is an added plus to any anti-wrinkle cream because it promotes

Copper peptides

these powerful agents assist in the action of antioxidants and help promote the growth of collagen

DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)

this is a powerful agent that helps the skin stay firm as well as lifts sagging skin

Hydroyx acids

are natural exfoliants that are derived from fruits and dairy. This natural exfoliants that assist in the removal of dead and old skin, and they promote growth of new and even skin tone. Alpha, beta, and poly hydroyx acids are the most common type of hydroxyl acids that are found in anti-wrinkle creams

Tea Extracts

Black amp; green tea contains anti-inflammatory agents that assist in controlling wrinkles. However green tea is the most popular tea of choice.

So know you know what to look for to make your anti-wrinkle cream make you look 10-20 years younger in a matter of minutes to days. We found some top quality anti-wrinkle creams on the market that are definitely worth trying.

Alpha Lipoic Day Cream by Jason Beckett

This is a powerful anti-aging cream that consists of Alpha Lipoic acid, DMAE, Vitamin C along with Ester and Shea Butter to assist in fighting off free radicals, making the skin appear tighter and firmer as well as protecting, repairing, and moisturizing all at the same time!

LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream

This powerful cream is packed with powerful antioxidants that help in diminishing fine lines and making wrinkles instantly disappear within a matter of minutes after application. Ibenone is the key ingredient of this miracle cream

LifeCell anti-wrinkle cream

Perricone Neuropeptide Facial Conformer

This is a daily use lotion that contains DMAE and over 40 neuropeptides. These powerful ingredients decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well as the skins tone and texture. This powerful fountain of youth in a bottle may run you a hefty penny, but it is well worth it, if you want a fresh, fun and young face!

Skin Care Guide

What the Cure for Cancer Will Be

I’m not a scientist, but I’ve done a lot of reading. Based on that, I believe that the cure for cancer will come shortly after scientists finally fully understand all about a mysterious enzyme called telomerase.

Currently, scientists are baffled by this enzyme. They can’t even describe its entire three-dimensional structure. They don’t know the mechanism behind it. What turns it on? What turns it off? Hot dang, how does telomerase really, really work?

If researchers knew, they’d be hot on the tails of a cure for cancer-every kind of cancer, all across the board.

Cancer research_01

Certainly, you’ve heard of chromosomes – strand-bunches in every cell in your body that contain genetic material, your unique blueprints. The ends of chromosomes are neatly packaged into a bundle by structures called telomeres. Telomeres are often described as cap-like ends of chromosomes, kind of like the silver or gold colored “caps” on the ends of shoelaces.

Every time a cell divides, the telomeres on its chromosomes get shorter. As cells age and approach death-no longer being able to divide-the telomeres by this time are reduced to “nubs.” There is obviously a correlation between telomere length, and life span of a cell. So what does this have to do with cancer?

Well, get this: When telomerase (which acts upon the telomeres) is infused into laboratory normal-cell samples, it enables the cells to live beyond their normal life span. In other words, the life span of cells is measured in terms of how many times they divide.

Telomerase enables them to continue to divide well-past the division point at which they would normally cease dividing. But these cells, too, eventually die-of super old age.

Cancer Cell_01

Telomerase, in normal cells, is not activated. (Fetal tissue has it, but let’s stick to normal, developed tissue.) Now, here’s the fascinating part: Telomerase is on full-force in cancer cells! This is why the cells keep dividing! Cancer, by definition, is uncontrolled cell growth. The instruction for the telomeres to shorten and/or the cells to stop dividing, is absent in cancer cells.

Now, researchers do not yet know what the relationship is between telomere length and cell life span, as far as if the shortening of the telomeres causes the cells to eventually die; or if the aging of cells causes the telomeres to shorten. Researchers only know that there is some kind of correlation. Is there cause? Or is it just association?


What if…the shortening directly causes the aging of cells? This is, essentially, the reverse of cancer. What if scientists could figure out a way to inhibit telomerase in cancer cells? Wouldn’t this cause the deranged cells to start aging-and die? The cure for cancer is a telomerase inhibitor, that could be infused into tumors, that would cause the tumor cells to commit suicide: apoptosis is the technical term for this.

The inhibitor could be dripped into a person with metastatic cancer, and cancer cells body-wide would be knocked off, one by one, as their telomerase is deactivated. Wouldn’t it be great if more funding were directed towards telomerase research?

Skin Care Guide

Surprising Benefits of Aspirin on Beauty and Anti-Aging

Everyone knows that a daily regimen of low dose aspirin can be used to ward off heart attack in individuals of particular risk. However, aspirin has many health benefits beyond keeping you heart healthy.

Here are a few of those relating to aging and beauty, particularly of use and concern for women over 40. Aspirin however, is not for everyone, so remember to always consult your doctor before incorporating the intake of any medication into your lifestyle.

Aspirin is Thought to Aid in Reducing Wrinkles

Because of its unique characteristic of fighting inflammation in the body, studies have recently shown that taking low dose aspirin on a regular basis can help to fight wrinkles, as referenced by sources such as Dr. Oz among others including writer Ashley Gray, author of The Benefits of Taking a Baby Aspirin a Day at


Aspirin Credited with Fighting Acne and Skin Discolorations

Aspirin may be beneficial for individuals fighting acne when taken on days when inflammation is particularly severe, as suggested at

But more commonly, it has long been used in a topical application to fight scarring from past breakouts and skin discolorations due to aging and sun damage. Check out one recipe for the aspirin mask.

Aspirin Face Mask_01

Aspirin Can Be Used to Reduce Facial Puffines or Puffy Eyes

Because of its ability to reduce swelling, as suggested in the article “How to Eliminate a Puffy Face” at, taking a baby aspirin can aid in reducing the occasional occurrence of puffiness in the facial area.

Puffy eyes_01

Aspirin Reduces the Risk of Cancers Including Breast Cancer

Beyond outer beauty, aspirin has proven anti-aging benefits that count on the inside as well and perhaps rank among the most important reasons to consider adding low dose aspirin to your daily regimen, given a doctor’s approval.

As aired on the Dr. Oz Show as part of a segment called Aspirin: The Miracle Pill and as evidenced in a plethora of articles including this one by Michael Huddleston at, aspirin is known to reduce the incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer among other cancers up to as much as 30-40%.

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Jennifer Aniston Skin Care Secrets

It is hard to believe that Friends star and movie actress Jennifer Aniston is currently 43. With glowing skin, the queen of romantic comedies easily passes for a 25-year-old. How much does she spend to look this good?

While Aniston admitted to using botox, she doesn’t spend an exorbitant amount of money on invasive plastic surgeries. For the most part, her youthful appearance is the result of daily care and a lack of product use.

Yup, you read it right — lack of products.

Her skin care secrets are simple and affordable. For those of you who wish to age gracefully just like Aniston, start with the tricks below. Not only are these tricks effective, they are easy and cost less than $5.

Jennifer Aniston Skin Care Secrets

1.Apply Vaseline


Since petroleum jelly’s introduction to the general public in 1872, it has been a trusted topical cure for various skin problems. Originally used to soothe cuts and burns, petroleum jelly now acts as a beauty product and an important agent in many moisturizers.

Vaseline is a brand — and perhaps the most popular brand — of petroleum jelly. A 1.7 oz. bottle costs anywhere between $2 – 5.

Areas around your eyes are thin and sensitive, and require extra attention. To keep eye areas moisturized, Aniston applies Vaseline each night for overnight protection.

2.Steam Your Face

facial steam_01

You cannot help encountering dirt and grime during the day. But if dirt and grime are trapped within your pores, you will suffer enlarged pores, breakouts, early signs of aging, and other unsightly reactions.

To clean your pores from deep within, you must open them by steaming. You don’t need fancy facials or even a steamer. Just turn the hot water on in the shower, and sit in the bathroom for a few minutes. Then wash your face with a cleaning scrub.

3.Wash with Ice Water

cold water_01

After a good night’s sleep, Aniston washes her face with ice water in the morning. Sounds cold but doing so awakens skin with a nice jolt that enables circulation and closes pores.

Weight Loss Guide

Fast Weight Loss Risks and Consequences

When people want to lose weight, many times they are working toward a short term goal. They want to lose weight for an upcoming event such as a high school reunion, a wedding, a vacation or a party.

They will often try dramatic weight loss techniques which require the dieter to eat only one type of food, take a supplement, or eat too few calories. Many of the rapid weight loss programs can be very dangerous to your health and the promised results may not be a reality.

It is very obvious why anyone would want to lose weight quickly for an event or vacation. Everyone wants to look and feel their best when seeing friends or family that they don’t get to see very often.

You may also want to fit into your favorite party dress or buy a new outfit for the event. There are many programs marketed in today’s society which claim amazing weight loss results in as few as two days.

Healthy diet_01

Doctors maintain that a healthy weight loss should be one to two pounds per week. This can be done by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program. Rapid weight loss programs require followers to take drastic measures to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. These dangerous diets may instruct you to consume only liquids, take a supplement which increases your heart rate, or eat excessive amounts of one type of food, such as grapefruit.

Although your scale may reflect a substantial weight loss, much of the weight you lose while trying a rapid weight loss program is water weight. Once you resume a normal eating pattern, a lot of the weight will return.

Regaining Weight_01

Another bad effect of a rapid weight loss program is regaining weight rapidly once the program is stopped. When you follow dramatic eating habits, your metabolism is affected. If you begin to consume very few calories, your metabolism will slow down and when you resume normal eating again, your metabolism will not react as you would like and you will not naturally burn as many calories.

This will create a weight gain and will quickly negate any weight loss you had while trying the rapid weight loss program.

In addition to losing fat while trying a rapid weight loss program, you may also be losing muscle mass. It is important to retain your lean muscle mass because this aids your body by burning excessive calories.

The more lean muscle mass you have, the more energy you will have to exercise regularly to continue to lose weight or maintain your healthy weight.

Rapid Weight loss tactics do not work. They cause you health problems, ruin your metabolism or have no weight loss effect at all. The healthiest and most effective way to lose weight is to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Regular exercise_01

If you are unsure about how you can change your eating habits, you can enlist the assistantce of a nutritionist, personal trainer or group, such as Weight Watchers. Before starting any diet or exercise program, you should also talk to your doctor to make sure that you are healthy and able to start the activities you are considering so you can avoid injury. Remember, there is no quick fix or good choice for rapid weight loss.

Weight Loss Guide

Shapely Secrets 7 Secrets Revealed Right Here!

You no longer need to purchase the Shapely Secrets DVDs to find out what Greer Childers’ Shapely Secrets seven secrets to weight loss are – I have them right here. The Shapely Secrets infomercial shows 61 year old Greer Childers, the developer of Shapely Secrets, and she looks pretty good.

To learn what the seven secrets to a shapely, “thin” body are, the viewer must purchase the Shapely Secrets program. Not any more! Here are the seven secrets to Greer Childers’ Shapely Secrets program:

Greer Childers Shapely Secret #1 –

“Do It Write!” Keep a journal of your progress daily. Include in the journal your weekly goals. And every week, measure yourself with a tape measure and keep track of the numbers in the journal.


Greer Childers Shapely Secret #2 –

“The Non-Counting Method” of counting calories. The program literally says, “Know your daily calorie burn.” The most accurate way to do this is with an oxygen consumption test; chain health clubs have the gadget to do this, but it’s not free.

However, it’s a very simple test; as a personal trainer, I’ve given it to many clients. The next part of the non-counting method is “exercise your sixth sense calorie awareness.” Then there’s eat fewer calories than you burn off every day.

Greer Childers Shapely Secret #3 –

“Filling Up Without Filling Out.” Load up on low-calorie foods. Include lean protein like fish and chicken with meals and snacking. Include foods with high fiber. Dump the refined carbohydrate foods and replace with complex, healthy carbohydrate foods.

Low Calorie food_01

Greer Childers Shapely Secret #4 –

“Watering the Fire.” Drink 64 ounces of water every day. Use water to hasten daily calorie burn. Have water with all of your meals.

Greer Childers Shapely Secret #5 –

“Out of Sight.” Keep tempting foods out of view. This includes out of your shopping cart, off your plate, and out of your mouth.

Greer Childers Shapely Secret #6 –

“Rev It Up.” Build muscle to increase daily rate of calorie expenditure. Do the Greer Childers’ 7 minute workout every day. Get moving more in day to day living.


Greer Childers Shapely Secret #7 –

“Your Secret Buddy System.” Enlist the support of three people for your goals. Keep them updated on your success. Find a buddy to do the Greer Childers program with.

And there you have Greer Childers’ seven secrets that her 30-minute infomercials generously speak of. As you can see, there is nothing among these items that you already didn’t know, except maybe that water can be used to increase daily calorie burn rate.

Chilled Water_01

But only if the water is chilled. Chilled water forces the body to work harder because the body must “warm up” the water. This requires more energy than if the water didn’t have to be warmed up. With enough water drinking, this can add up to several to 10 pounds lost in one year.

Health Guide

Elderly at Risk of Supplement-Prescription Drug Interactions

The popularity of herbal supplements is growing fast across all age groups. Elderly patients often take herbal remedies to improve heart health, reduce joint pain or improve sleep. Not all herbal supplements are safe for use by elderly patients when prescription medications are required for improved health. Some interactions between herbal supplements and prescription medications can be deadly.

Herbal laxatives may reduce absorption of prescription medications. When bowel movements go awry, many elderly people choose to take herbal colon cleansers or laxatives to improve regularity. The most common over-the-counter treatment for constipation is fiber, sold under the brand names Metamucil, Benefiber, Fibercon and other brand names. Herbal laxatives are also available in stimulant varieties.

Stimulant laxatives_01

Stimulant laxatives cause the muscles of the bowel to contract, forcing waste to move through the intestine faster. Both stimulant and non-stimulant herbal laxatives decrease the time waste spends in the intestine and thus, decrease the time prescription medications have to absorb through intestinal walls.

To avoid the interaction between fiber, laxatives and prescription medications, elderly must take the prescription medications at least one hour before or two hours after taking fiber.

Licorice root may increase the effectiveness of prescription medications. Licorice root often appears in herbal supplements for stomach upset and constipation. There are known interactions between licorice root and diuretics, Digoxin, corticosteroids and insulin, but it is the unknown interactions that could be dangerous for the elderly.

licorice root_01

Some diuretics like Esidrix and Zarolxolyn are commonly prescribed to lower blood pressure. Elderly patients may not know these drugs are diuretics. When licorice root is taken with diuretics, it may increase the effectiveness of the medication or increase the side effects associated with the prescription medication.

To reduce the risk of possible interaction between licorice root and prescription medications, ask your doctor if the blood pressure medication you’re taking is also a diuretic.

Check the label on the herbal supplements you’re taking for the ingredient licorice root. There is no safe way to combine the two treatments. Licorice root should not be taken with diuretics at any time.

Herbal supplement ingredients may cause dangerous side effects during surgery. Many elderly people believe the word herbal or all-natural means safe, but that is not always the case.

Common herbal remedies may pose potentially dangerous and life-threatening side effects when taken with certain medications given before, during and after surgery.


Garlic, commonly used to improve heart health, is generally considered safe, but when garlic is taken with anti-clotting and immunosuppressant medications, serious interactions may occur.

Garlic is known to interact with Warfarin, Plavix, dipyridamole and indomethacin. Garlic is not the only herbal supplement known to interact with blood thinners like Warfarin. Others include feverfew, ginger, St. John’s Wort and cranberry.

Interactions between anesthesia, transplant drugs and herbal supplements also occur. Valerian root, commonly used to improve sleep and St. John’s Wort, commonly used as a natural treatment for depression, may interact with anesthetic and immunosuppressant drugs, respectively.

To avoid possible interactions between herbal supplements and prescription medications used before, during and after surgery, reveal all treatments, both over the counter and prescription, to the surgeon performing the procedure and the anesthesiologist.

It is typically advised to stop taking all herbal remedies at least two weeks before surgery to prevent possible interaction.

Herbal Supplements_01

As the body ages, the elderly may choose alternative therapies to treat depression and pain or improve heart health. Many of these herbal supplements are safe, but when taken with prescription medications may cause serious side effects and interactions.

It is best to talk with your prescribing physician about any herbal supplements currently part of your daily routine.

Health Guide

Treat the Pain and Swelling from Bites and Stings

Most of us like being outdoors but unfortunately so do insects that often love to take a bite out of us or sting us. Most, if not, all of us have been bitten or stung by insects or other animals like dogs.

I remember I was stung by a yellow jacket and not only was it painful but the sting grew almost to the size of a tennis ball. Bites and stings are no fun and can be very painful and swell. To treat and reduce the pain and swelling from bites and stings try some of these alternative remedies.

The best herb to take that will quickly heal the pain and itching of a sting or bite is plantain. Plantain has chemicals in it that act as astringents fighting bites and stings by tightening the skin and reducing the swelling, itching, and pain.


Plantain is found almost anywhere where the climate is damp and heavy. For quick relief, grab some plantain leaves, rinse them off, chew it to release the juice, and then put the chewed piece on the bite or sting.

This works immediately and you will notice that the pain and itching will stop instantly. If you are not too keen on chewing plants, then you can rub the plant together until the juice comes out and then rub it on the bite or sting. Plantain works great for dog bites also.

First, scrub the area with soap and water. Then put a handful of rinsed plantain leaves in a blender, add a few drops of hot water, and blend. Put the mixture directly on the bite and cover with a gauze and then put a heating pad over the gauze. Keep it on the bite for 20-30 minutes.


Another helpful herb is goldenseal to treat the pain and swelling of bites and stings. You can make a powder out of the goldenseal by mixing a small amount of water with the powder to make a paste. Put it directly on the bite or sting and then cover it with a bandage.

Goldenseal helps to reduce infections from bites and stings. After some bites and stings go away, there can still be some toxins left in the body. To help remove these toxins, use some bentonite clay paste. To make the paste, mix 2 tablespoons of the clay with just enough water to make a paste.

Then cover the bite or sting with a gauze by making a bandage and leave it on for 30 minutes. You should do this twice a day for 4 days.

Olive leaf_01

Olive leaf helps to prevent infections by reducing the swelling and the pain of bites and stings. To reduce the pain and swelling of bee stings, put two pellets of the 12C or 30C potency of Apis Mellifica, which is crushed bees, under your tongue every 3 or 4 hours on the first day of the sting.


Is Prime Male A Scam?

The human body is delicate and requires our daily efforts to maintain.

Nutrients and hormones need to be in the right amounts for the body to function correctly.

When it comes to a male body, testosterone is essential for sexual performance, energy and motivation, fat loss, and muscle growth.

However, testosterone levels decline due to various factors, including increasing age.

Prime Male is a new T-booster on the market that supports the body to produce more testosterone.

In our Prime Male review, it is clear that Prime Male is not a scam.


Read more below.

Is Prime Male a Scam?

Lawsuit claims

Many scammy products in the industry are facing lawsuit claims on false grounds, hidden ingredients, or adverse side effects.

We did not find any lawsuit claims against Prime Male or the manufacturer.

Science-backed ingredients

Ingredients that are not supported by clinical evidence might be harmful to the user and fail to deliver results.

Therefore, any legit product should contain ingredients backed by clinical studies.

Prime Male is no exception; the manufacturer states that the ingredients used are clinically proven to boost testosterone.

Prime Male is free from synthetic ingredients, which is a huge plus.

Most scam products hide behind proprietary blends and do not reveal the ingredients to the user.

Prime Male provides a clear and transparent label on the ingredients used.

What’s more?

It uses an optimal clinical dosage that works synergistically to boost the production of testosterone in the body.

However, we found an issue with the Vitamin D dosage used. Prime Male uses 5000IU, and research shows that taking above 4000IU of Vitamin D every day, may cause excess calcium in the blood.

Refund fraud

Some manufacturers engage in return fraud by stealing from their customers through automatic monthly subscriptions and failure to honor their refund policy.

Worse still, some do not offer any refund policy to the user in case the products do not work as expected.

Prime Male offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

They write on the official website:

We insist the risk is on us, so simply try Prime Male for 90 days, and if you do not see results, we will gladly refund your money.

However, we came across some complaints about this refund policy.

One user complained on

They just provide excuses for why they won’t honor the money-back guarantee. Because of this unreported side effect, I will probably report them to an appropriate medical authority to investigate. Too bad these guys don’t appear to be legitimate.

Another user requested a refund following side effects. He complains

, …so I returned it, only to find out that they do not honor their refund promise. They withheld an ‘administrative fee’ and charged an exorbitant amount for the shipping. In addition, the credit card company charged an international transaction fee. Of my $207.00, I only realized about $120.00 back. Total Scam!


prime male testosterone booster

Prime Male is not a scam.

It contains natural science-based ingredients and is manufactured in an FDA –approved facility.

Also, we did not find any legal sanctions facing Prime Male.

There are a few complaints about the refund policy; the company is yet to handle these issues.

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Danica Patrick and the Alpha Women of NASCAR

Danica Patrick takes control of the Daytona 500 with her prowess. Her historic, qualifying poll position made many take a second look. Since the alpha female first took center stage in the world of NASCAR more women have “Put the petal to the metal”. And can you blame them?

With Danica Patrick earning close to 20 million in 2012, NASCAR may be dominated by women in the near future. Whether racing cars, trucks, or running enterprises, these top woman know how to handle the steering wheel. In case you’ve been living on Mars these past years allow me to make your acquaintance.

The Top 5 “Alpha Women of NASCAR”


Danica Patrick-

The most known of all has to be Danica Patrick. Named rookie of the year in 2005, she got her start kart racing. The high profile driver of The No.10 chevy enjoyed earnings of over 20 million in 2012.

Amber and Angela_01

Amber and Angela Cope-

A double dose of sophistication, modeling twins Amber and Angela Cope made history in 2010 being the first set of twins to compete in a major NASCAR event. While Amber drives the No.24 for SR2 Motorsports, Angela prefers to race No.00 for the same team.

johanna long_01

Johanna Long-

Not only is she considered one of the most promising NASCAR drivers today, she also made history at only 16 becoming the first female to win the prestigious Sunoco Golf Coast Championship. In 27 of 38 events she finished top ten earning the title of NASCAR Pro. She now drives the No.70 Foretravel Motorcoach Chevrolet Impala for ML Motorsports.

Jennifer Jo Cobb-

The only team owner of our NASCAR Alpha Women is Jennifer Jo Cobb. Joining the NASCAR ranks in 2004, she has made headlines not only for racing cars, but trucks and her multiple, highly successful ventures.

Jennifer Jo Cobb_01

Businesswoman and owner of a female fan inspired clothing line, Driver Boutique, from which she used assets to purchase the No.10 truck team from Rick Crawford in 2010. She drives the No.13 for JJC Racing.