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The National Hunt is on for Deer and Male Strippers

The middle of October marks the beginning of the great annual hunt in many states across the nation. Hunters everywhere are gearing up to hit the hills in search of the trophy. Depending on which sex you are – the trophy may be a deer or elk, or your trophy may be a male stripper and a shopping bargain.

From Washington, Oregon, and Nevada to Minnesota, Michigan, and Maine, retailers, restaurants, hotels, casinos, nightclubs, spas, and vacation resorts are all planning one of the biggest selling seasons of the year: Deer Widows Weekend. Whether you are tripping on testosterone or exploding with estrogen, there are plenty of bargains from state to state being offered for the big trophy hunt.

How Big Is Hunting Season?

According to a national survey conducted by the U.S. Fish amp; Wildlife Service, 13 million people or 5% of the U.S. population aged 16 and older, hunted in 2006. They spent an average of 18 days in pursuit of the hunted over 228 days of the season.

Hunters spent $20.6 billion in 2006 on equipment, 200 million trips, and other items. During 2001-2006, expenditures for hunting equipment rose 3% and expenditures on hunting trips rose 13%. There was a 30% drop in expenditures for expensive items like trucks and cabins.

Deer hunting_01

Not all men load the backpacks and grab the tents headed for the woods in pursuit of antlers. Some men prefer to use Deer Widows Weekend to hunt wild animals of the female sex – and of the human race. Rick, a promotions official at the Rainbow Casino in Wendover, Nevada says it is one of their busiest weekends, but there are just as many men there as there are Deer Widows.

What is an Untamed Deer Widow to Do?

The male sex should not have all the fun hauling off the kids in search of the big buck during hunting season. The female sex has plenty of wild and wooly options for boosting the economy during Deer Widows Weekend. It is never smart for women to reveal what they actually spend on luxuries and shopping, but rest assured, the Deer Widows will give the Buck Boys a run for their money this hunting season.

If you Google “Deer Widows Weekend”, some of the more popular events being planned across the nation for the girls-gone-wild Deer Widows from October through January are:

Deer Widows can hunt (AND FIND!) male strippers; poor buck hunters may not be so lucky finding their trophy 🙂


Deer Widows can spend the day at the spa with special discounts and planned events.

Deer Widows can shop with up to 80% discounts on merchandise.

Deer Widows can attend special classes for jewelry making, quilting, scrapbooking, cooking, and more.

Deer Widows can go to fashion shows.

Deer Widows can attend the opera.

Deer Widows can have a catered sleepover with the girls.

Deer Widows can drink for half price at the beach club – ALL weekend.

Deer Widows can host a slumber party at the local vacation resort .


Deer Widows can enter a slot tournament at their favorite casino.

Deer Widows can take a driving tour around local tourist attractions with discounts at every stop.

Deer Widows can indulge in lavish dining experiences at special group rates.

Deer Widows can collect antiques during a Deer Widow Weekend special shopping tour.

Muscle Building Guide

10 Best Workouts to Tone Back Muscles

Looking for a way to exercise your back? Trying to strengthen your muscles or aim specifically on one part of your back? Look no further. I have listed for you a full range of exercises and videos, with and without equipment that will help in reaching your back health goals. I have also listed a few choices of equipment that may help you reach those goals.

This is a great workout for toning back muscles. They highlight three exercises that focus on strengthening and trimming the back muscles. They suggest three sets of 8-15 repetitions for each exercise. They suggest that you do 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week. These exercises are done with no equipment.


The NISMAT-Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Center offers some of the best exercises. They twenty-three exercises that specifically build stonger, toner back muscles. These exercises are designed specifically for low back care. They suggest that following this program will improve your posture, provide you with a greater work endurance and will support improvements in athletic performance.

The Muscle and Strength website has put together a set of great videos that address the muscles in the back and trapezoid muscles. They give specific direction for doing each exercise properly. The videos address exercising both with and without machines, applying the use of free weights. They list thirteen videos and have a muscle building forum for questions and answers. Very good website. offers a different kind of website it looks like it is just a list, but when you click on the individual exercises listed, it will take you to a page that will give you a video of the exercise, along with a complete description of the exercise and list the muscles the exercise highlights. The main list is broken down according to equipment needed for the exercise.


The Mayo Clinic, renowned for their expert medical opinions, has put together a slide show depicting a series of back exercises on their website. It can be seen here. They suggest you allow 15 minutes each day for exercising your back. They exercises they suggest are to stretch and strengthen your back muscles, and address the entire back.

The Gravity Table by Motion. I have an inversion table similar to this and can tell you that what they do for your back is fantastic. The table adjusts to the height of each individual and allows you to invert, or simply put, allows you to hang upside down. This helps stretch your spine and realigns the vertebrae in your spine as well. The cost is $259 and is a worth investment. specializes in just that. Back exercises. The website offers a full range of lower back exercises that go from intermediate to advanced. The videos highlight equipment free exercises.

Fitness Rush I actually found a site that offers for sale used exercise equipment, and of course they have a full range of equipment specifically for exercising your back muscles. They say that they have to offer you lat pull-down machines, t-bar rowing machines and seated rowing machines.

These machines are all designed to strengthen the back muscles and based on the exercise form you chose would highlight different back muscle groups.


Gym Cor offers a full range of equipment for back exercise. I found the Roman Chair to be an interesting piece of equipment. It is a Hyper Extension machine and helps you focus on strengthening the lower back muscles group. A plus here is that while you are working on your back muscles, you are also defining your glutens and hamstring muscles. This sells for $219

The Gym Tough Total Back System is another piece of exercise equipment offered to you by Gym Cor. This offers a different method of inversion for those that don’t want to just hang upside down by their ankles. This focuses on elongating the spine, strengthening the back muscles along the spine, and relieving over all stress due to back muscles stress. This piece of equipment sells for $329.