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Best Herbs for Menopause. Are they working?

Once you are entering the early phases of menopausal period, it is always advisable to prepare for it before it comes. That’s why women choose what treatment program they are going to take. And one of the most popular and effective way of treating the symptoms are the herbs for menopause.

Herbs for menopause are one of the most popular and effective ways of treating the symptoms of the said deficiency of estrogen. Though some people would call them traditional in nature, the effects of these herbs are far better than the most renowned hormone replacement therapy nowadays.

However, most doctors would still claim that HRT (hormone replacement therapy) is still the best remedy to ease the symptoms of menopause. Indeed, it is true that when it comes to stalling off the symptoms of menopause rapidly, HRT is still the best. However, when safety concerns are questioned, the immediate answer is herbs for menopause.


It seems that herbs would replace HRT for the coming years. There were even no disputes regarding the effectiveness of herbs used to bring down the dreaded symptoms of menopause and that herbs are acclaimed for the safety and natural way of healing or much more, preventing the symptoms of menopause.

Therefore, natural ways of treating those symptoms are always the best. Natural way of treatment would give the body time to adapt naturally rather than forcing it. However, natural treatment would take weeks before you can feel its effects but the good thing is that the effect is long-lasting not like the unnatural way. If you have short patience, then you would need to take hormone therapy rather than natural.

Here are some herbs used by women for their menopause:

-Ginger Roots are the most effective and popular herbal medicine used by Chinese.

Ginger root_01

-Chaste Tree Berry has always been used for more than hundreds of years and was proven effective when it comes to menstrual conditions.


-Atractylodes Rhizome is always beneficial for conditions like sweating and vomiting but is more effective when combined with other herbs.

Women all around the world prefer the natural way of treating those menopause symptoms by promoting herbs for menopause.