Is Prime Male A Scam?

The human body is delicate and requires our daily efforts to maintain.

Nutrients and hormones need to be in the right amounts for the body to function correctly.

When it comes to a male body, testosterone is essential for sexual performance, energy and motivation, fat loss, and muscle growth.

However, testosterone levels decline due to various factors, including increasing age.

Prime Male is a new T-booster on the market that supports the body to produce more testosterone.

In our Prime Male review, it is clear that Prime Male is not a scam.


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Is Prime Male a Scam?

Lawsuit claims

Many scammy products in the industry are facing lawsuit claims on false grounds, hidden ingredients, or adverse side effects.

We did not find any lawsuit claims against Prime Male or the manufacturer.

Science-backed ingredients

Ingredients that are not supported by clinical evidence might be harmful to the user and fail to deliver results.

Therefore, any legit product should contain ingredients backed by clinical studies.

Prime Male is no exception; the manufacturer states that the ingredients used are clinically proven to boost testosterone.

Prime Male is free from synthetic ingredients, which is a huge plus.

Most scam products hide behind proprietary blends and do not reveal the ingredients to the user.

Prime Male provides a clear and transparent label on the ingredients used.

What’s more?

It uses an optimal clinical dosage that works synergistically to boost the production of testosterone in the body.

However, we found an issue with the Vitamin D dosage used. Prime Male uses 5000IU, and research shows that taking above 4000IU of Vitamin D every day, may cause excess calcium in the blood.

Refund fraud

Some manufacturers engage in return fraud by stealing from their customers through automatic monthly subscriptions and failure to honor their refund policy.

Worse still, some do not offer any refund policy to the user in case the products do not work as expected.

Prime Male offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

They write on the official website:

We insist the risk is on us, so simply try Prime Male for 90 days, and if you do not see results, we will gladly refund your money.

However, we came across some complaints about this refund policy.

One user complained on

They just provide excuses for why they won’t honor the money-back guarantee. Because of this unreported side effect, I will probably report them to an appropriate medical authority to investigate. Too bad these guys don’t appear to be legitimate.

Another user requested a refund following side effects. He complains

, …so I returned it, only to find out that they do not honor their refund promise. They withheld an ‘administrative fee’ and charged an exorbitant amount for the shipping. In addition, the credit card company charged an international transaction fee. Of my $207.00, I only realized about $120.00 back. Total Scam!


prime male testosterone booster

Prime Male is not a scam.

It contains natural science-based ingredients and is manufactured in an FDA –approved facility.

Also, we did not find any legal sanctions facing Prime Male.

There are a few complaints about the refund policy; the company is yet to handle these issues.